20th AMFORHT World Forum in Puebla, Mexico - let's meet together

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 12:00am
November 19, 2016 at 5:00pm 
Instituto Culinario de Mexico, ICUM, Puebla
Intercontinental Presidente Puebla, Boulevard Hermanos Serdan 141, Colonia Amor : Puebla , PUE, Puebla, 72140, Mexico
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Attend the next WORLD FORUM on Tourism and Hospitality ! 

The 20th AMFORHT International Forum will be held in the city of Puebla, Mexico from 16-19 november 2016, with our co-organizer member, The Instituto Culinario de México (ICUM)

Get your reservation on conferences, flight and hotel at a Special rate for AMFORHT attendants !


The ICUM team have been working on special programs for all AMFORHT Members, AMFORHT potential candidates and AMFORHT spouses. It will be their pleasure to welcome you in their country.

See the video from the AMFORHT President, Philippe FRANCOIS https://youtu.be/iwDKYc7FOvc 
As an AMFORHT member, make sure you enter your special code “Forum16” here

send an email to: amforhtmexico@icum.edu.mx


Take the opportunity to gain new contacts, tools, knowledge and move on training and tourism projects, during 4 full days of conferences, workshops, business speed-dating sessions and many surprises. 
Be part of 4 full days of an unforgettable experience, around the theme of Innovation, sensoriality and marketing in hospitality industry”
15 activities with a mix of conferences, interactive workshops and business speed-networking and many surprises will allow you to
- meet directly with new qualified contacts from 12 countries,
- gain operational tools and innovative ideas,
- move on training and tourism projects.

To be part of the business meeting sessions in advance, please indicate who you would like to meet - just visit the directory @ www.amforht.com

Save up to 30% on your hotel room
The 20th AMFORHT World Forum will be held at Hotel Presidente Intercontinental Puebla.
Get special rates and privileged reservation!
- Single room: from 113€/night (B&B included)
- Double room: from 128€/night (B&B included)Send an email to reservaciones@intercontipuebla.com.mx 
or by phone Tels. +52 1 (222) 213 7025 / 7026 / 7015

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Contact: Mr Mitani GARCIA @ mgarcia@aeromexicopuebla.com.mx

*Early forum registration is available since now with a 50% anticipated payment of the total program fee, the rest could be paid before August 1st 2016

For all information about the Forum, please see the program attached or online from here or Contact Hélène VERDET, AMFORHT General Delegate Helene.verdet@amforht.com


See more pictures and event news on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/506786026181869/

See the video of ICUM here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eNB0anZU6s and presentation for 20th anniversary here

Watch the video of AMFORHT here https://youtu.be/AT4dAqWX7AE

Read press releases and recent articles about the forum here
- In French: http://www.lhotellerie-restauration.fr/journal/formation-ecole/2016-10/Le-20e-Forum-Mondial-de-l-AMFORHT-se-tiendra-au-Mexique-du-16-au-19-novembre.htm
- http://www.tourisme-espaces.com/evenement-pro/1074.e-forum-mondial-amforht-avec-instituto-culinario-mexico-puebla.html
In English
- http://www.luxury-hospitality-daily.com/news-48805-20th-AMFORHT-World-Forum-Innovation-sensoriality-and-marketing-in-hospitality-industry-.html
In Spanish
·         http://www.20minutos.com.mx/noticia/145950/0/foro-internacional-de-turismo-en-puebla/
·         http://www.unionpuebla.mx/articulo/2016/10/13/turismo/puebla/puebla-sera-sede-de-foro-internacional-de-turismo
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·         http://www.scoopnest.com/user/OroNoticias/786631454868529152

For further information, visit www.icum.edu.mx

File Attachments: Boletin_Viajes_Congreso - AMFORHT Nov 2016.pdf, Brochure_Trip_AMFORHT Congress - Nov 2016.pdf, Brochure_Voyage_Congrès AMFORHT - Nov 2016.pdf, Join us in Puebla - 20th AMFORHT World Forum.pdf, ACCOMMODATION NEARBY PRESIDENTE INTERCONTINENTAL PUEBLA HOTEL - 10 oct 2016.pdf, Newsletter October - 20th AMFORHT World Forum ICUM.pdf

Where & When

Instituto Culinario de Mexico, ICUM, Puebla, Intercontinental Presidente Puebla, Boulevard Hermanos Serdan 141, Colonia Amor : Puebla , PUE, Puebla, 72140, Mexico

Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 12:00am – Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 5:00pm

Web site:  http://www.icum.edu.mx/web/index.php?r=inscripcion

Dress CodeDress Code: Business Casual

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Hosted By

Ricardo MEJIA
Co-hosted with:  AMFORHT (OWNER)

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