From: Xavier FAURE
Date: September 11, 2020

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Whats new for AMFORHT and all our Members ?

In this new edition, let's talk about Hélène VERDET, former General Delegate, who pushed forward AMFORHT with so much passion and talent.
We will also introduce our new General Delegate, Xavier FAURE, with a biography-like article; but not before announcing our next Events in Paris at EquipHotel Traidfair and our next General Assembly in Alger.


For the past 5 years, Hélène worked with all her skills and passion as AMFORHT's Generale Delegate.
While Hélène will remain an active AMFORHT Member, we wish her good luck for her new challenge.
Thank you for all the great work and all the best Hélène !!!

15th to 19th of November 2020

EquipHotel is without doubt theTradefair show in PARIS for Hopistality and Tourism gathering over 113 000 professionals during 5 days (from the 15th to the 19th of November 2020).
We received her General Manager, Mrs Beatrice GRAVIER, in our last AMFORHT TALK SHOW, on the 26th of August. (Please register to our database if you have not received your invitation, so you won't miss our next TALK SHOW).
AMFORHT is delighted to run a special day during EquipHotel:

EquipHotel special day for Hotelschools, Culinary arts Colleges and Tourism Universities hosted by AMFORHT, the World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training - NGO recognized by the United Nations

 On Wednesday November 18, 2020

 Program :

- 10h30 – welcoming by Beatrice GRAVIER, EquipHotel's General Manager and by Philippe FRANCOIS, AMFORHT's President - press conference

- 11h00 to 12h30 - “High-level world academic meeting on the consequences of the global pandemic in the academic organization in Hotelschools and Universities specialized in hospitality and tourism”

- 12h30 to 14h00 - common working buffet-lunch and networking between participants

- 14h00 to 19h00 - visit of the trade show by participants

Please click on EquipHotel logo for the presentation vidéo.
Thank you !!!


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AMFORHT next General Assembly will take place in ALGER at ESHRA (Ecole Supérieure Hôtellerie et de Restauration d'Alger) in ALGERIA by mid december. Dates will be confirmed later this month.

SAVE YOUR SEAT directly with our ALGERIA Delegate, Mr BOUKHELIFA:


Xavier, our new General Delegate is presenting himself through this interview, during which he is open-hearthly answering all the questions you may have about him.

Xavier FAURE
General Delegate

Xavier FAURE

AMFORHT General Delegate

from September 1st  2020


I was born in 1983, near Paris, France. My father was in the insurance business while my mother was a nurse. Currently, I live in Perigueux, France, I’m married and happy Dad of three children.

I joined the hospitality and restaurant industry when I was 16 through apprenticeship at the Ecole Hoteliere du Perigord, France. I soon understood the importance of professionalism in order to meet guests expectations. Very quickly I was also exceeding my own expectations, and decided to lead an international career. Working with passionate professionals leads to develop passion in everything we do.

In order to develop an expertise, I choose to focus on a niche : luxury resorts in remote destinations. So once I finished my first vocational training, I spent two more years to get my higher vocational education at l’Ecole Hoteliere de Souillac. I was then ready to start my international experience.

My first destination : UK, in order to gain professional experience and improve my English. I spend two years in Stratford-upon-Avon. Improving my skills while gaining in experience to finally get my Foundation Degree in partnership with Thames Valley University. What a day it was, my degree in hand, throwing my square university hat for my graduation ceremony !

But that was not enough for me and when Savignac’s International Hospitality Business School offered me to join their MBA, I did not hesitate and went onboard for 2 more years of specialization. At the end of these two years in Savignac, rich of new values, skills and experiences, I left France for South Pacific.

Bora Bora, Isle of Pines, Borneo, where on my list, and I joined notorious hospitality companies like Aman, Starwood, Hilton, … from Maitre d’Hotel to Food and Beverage Manager.

I always felt gifted to have received a good education. Being in contact with so many cultures, sharing what I learned was a key point in order to become a better person and helping my teams to grow. When my father had a stroke back in France, I put aside my ego and my career in order to take care of him. As he felt better, I soon received an offer to teach at the Ecole Hoteliere du Perigord. Funny enough, I was in this School, that it all begun for me. I educated students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods, such as lectures, group discussions, demonstrations on restaurant and catering, basic serving skills, food/health safety, …

During these two years, I also trained myself on Neuro Linguistic Programming, up to Master Practitioner and Trainer level certified by International Association of NLP Institutes.

I was also offered by INISUP (a skills' management training centre) to provide and facilitate learning seminars for business development and team training. So while educating variety of professionals, including CEOs and Managers on Management, Personal Development, Trade Negotiation, etc...  I also developed and hosted seminars based on client needs and goals for various Companies. I was in charge to determine client objectives and develop plan to reach their goals thanks to interpersonal communication and modelling.

I also teach on Contracts & Events within Catering Industry to students, back in Savignac International School of Management. If I had to sum up, I am a passionate training professional with expertise in “International management within the Hospitality Industry”, “Personal development”, and “Communication and neurolinguistic programming”.

In a whole different aspect of my life, I perform Tai Chi Ch’uan for more than 18 years. My Tai Chi Master live in France but, I am regularly travelling to Malaysia and China to keep learning and meeting other masters. In 2016, I won 4 medals at the Tai Chi Chuan International Championship in Taipei. I believe my practice develop abilities, such as persistence to reach perfection, respect and patience.

Once again, life has given me the opportunity to share with the utmost number, and I am so grateful that I have been honoured to become AMFORHT’s General Delegate. I’m at your service.