Our Goals and Values


-An independent NGO founded in 1969, recognised by the United Nations since 2017 (Economic and Social Council - ECOSOC), to encourage evolution, cooperation and research.

- A network for meeting, exchanging best practice and cooperation between professionals, organisations and Education and training.

- A platform for intercultural partnerships, deep links with companies, universities and Tourism professionals.

- A friendly network with strong ethical and human values, facilitating new initiatives and projects worldwide

  • Our GOALS

    To bring together teachers, professionals, consultants, researchers, schools (public and private) institutes and universities of all countries, to exchange, cooperate, form partnerships and twinning.

    To organize the profession and international organizations symposia, seminars, conferences and forums on topics and technical topics, news, innovation and research.

    To continue the fight for professional training at all levels, respect and recognition of tourism studies and hospitality at all the universities.

    To enable the recognition of tourism sciences from the humanities, In the meantime, to take into account the evolution of tourism and education.

  • Our VALUES

    AMFORHT is a friendly, humanist and ethical network. The organisation supports the Global Code of Ethics of UNWTO. It is characterized by the mobilization on the "Human" priority in Tourism.

    AMFORHT forms a platform for meeting, exchanging best practice and cooperation between members from the Hospitality, Catering, Tourism Industry and all kind of Educational institutions.