Members Benefits

AMFORHT allows your organisation to develop deep links with companies, suppliers, universities and professionals of the tourism industry, in a spirit of development.

All members are in a sharing experiences approach, facilitation of employment, internships, and/or creations of trainings or partnerships.

AMFORHT internal organisation allows active members to take part of the association life, representing the AMFORHT as Delegates by «Region" or "Country".

65 countries are part of AMFORHT in 2021

Our members feel proud and happy to be part of their unique worldwide network, spreading information & opportunities via the platform or to appropriate and reliable direct contacts.

To achieve these goals, AMFORHT provide a platform for meeting, exchange and cooperation between the three partners in Tourism:

* International organizations interested in tourism and tourism training, and the official tourist boards (national, regional, local).

* The world of training: specialized training centers (universities, schools, public and private), associations of schools, teachers and alumni, trainers and individual educators.

* The world of professions and business groups, hotel, commercial and institutional catering, tourism, professional associations or trade unions, individual consultants and experts.