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Resilience and burst of energy


Times we are going through are historic. And some of you are heroic. Every day I have one or the other of you in contact - you tell me and we consider together your particular difficulties, in Asia, Europe, Africa, in the Americas ... Despite your difficulties to carry out your mission, I am proud to note that almost all of our academic members, schools, colleges and universities are in operation : bravo !


Like each of you, AMFORHT, your organization, is also fighting to serve you always more and always better. So, following the profound changes we made this summer and which I have had the opportunity to tell you about in our, now regular, "ATS - Amforht Talk Shows" and our international webinars, we are well in place to face the challenge of the upcoming academic year :

- Xavier, our new Delegate General is now assisted by Jules, graduate student, in apprenticeship with us until next June ;

- our new Executive Board (EB) organization, which is now more flexible and responsive, made up of busy and available members : the EB is intended to be a circle of temporary women and men with limited-term assignments, in parallel with the Board which is more stable within and every 2 years - from now on, every month, since this summer, our EB meets to find solutions for the sustainable development of AMFORHT ;

- our new policy of partnerships with major international tourism organizations which is starting to bear fruits.


In order to get the most out of your AMFORHT's services, I invite you to participate in our next Amforht Talk Shows and webinars.


Take good care of yourself - see you soon.


Your President