"As a key partner of the global campaign "Fair Travel Living Together" launched by the Seoul Tourism Organization, the AMFORHT network has contributed to mobilize its members and network. In particular, Ms. Beatrice Bellini, in charge of the Positive Business Chair of Paris Nanterre University has approached me, as AMFORHT Delegate in Korea.
As a result, the Positive Business Chair has also joined the global campaign as partner." 

Catherine GERMIER HAMEL, Director of Millenium Destinations, South Korea

Svetlana D - PFUR University Moscow, Tourism Institute
"Come and join us. It is through your expertise and enthusiasm; your cooperation and your original ideas; that we can help develop the contemporary hospitality and tourism sectors. We seek to provide a dynamic platform to assist the industry in improving its provision of tourism products, services and knowledge. Our aim is to ensure that AMFORHT is the key international network renowned for its innovative approach to the development of a contemporary Tourism business environment.

Svetlana DIKHTYAR,  Director of the Tourism Institute, Moscow, PFUR University, Russia